Sunrise Ventes et Marketing specializes in marketing and sales in the natural and fine food business in the Province of Quebec and Eastern Ontario Area.

We are a team of passionate people offering services to Independent retailers

  • Local distribution focusing on independent retailers (Healthy Food Stores and Specialty Stores) for Quebec and Eastern Ontario area
  • Helping small clients to have their products available online by offering one of our premium products through Lightspeed e-Commerce.
  • Assisting clients with their social media platforms

As a comprehensive marketing partner ready to assist our SMB clients to thrive in their point of sale and increase their online presence.

As a Lightspeed POS’s expert, we can help with your POS management and online presence.

As consumer behaviour shifts toward the online world, also the traditional way of doing business gives place to a new format of businesses. Consumers are now checking online before visiting a brick-and-mortar store.

Coaches are bringing a new era of information to both consumers and businesses.

Smartphones replacing cameras. Using the Web to consult your local phone list.

Accessing social media as a reference for your restaurant or even plate to order.

These behaviour changes are just a few to name.

It becomes increasingly important to establish a robust and trusted web presence. More than that, transmit your culture, personality through your website.

It’s not about one fits all, but to bring your personal details to the world.

We are a team of passionate and experienced people aiming to help you to establish your online presence without losing your personality.

Contact us now and let’s work together towards success