Sunrise Distribution


Sunrise Ventes focus on distributing specialty and healthy food products to Quebec and Eastern Ontario area.

We distribute finished products to independent retailers, specialty stores, Gym’s, Yoga studios, restaurants and Cafes!

We love learning about each of our client’s clientele and offer them just products that will make their clients happy!

There is no formula, that one fits all, and we learn every day with the changes in the market, consumers behaviour and requirements.

Our brands include:

Ipanema Valley

Sugar-free fruits snacks made from non-GMO banana grown in the soil of Brazil

MTL Jerky

100% Canadian. Lean and high in protein.

Hand cut. Small Batch. Wet Cured. Dried to perfection. Jerky the way it was meant to be. Made locally in Montreal, where everyone is passionate about food!

A high protein, low-fat snack for those who want to pursue an active lifestyle as well as those who simply want to spoil themselves with a healthy, good tasting snack without having to worry about the ingredients.

LA Vixen – Natural Hot Sauce

Just natural ingredients, no sugar added, amazing taste!

Forno de Minas – authentic Cheese Rolls

Cheese rolls are one of the greatest pride of Brazilian cuisine. There is no Brazilian who does not know (and does not adore) cheese bread, just as there is no foreigner who does not fall in love with cheese rolls at the first bite. 

Forno de Minas Cheese Rolls are gluten-free (certified), with no sugar added, yeast free, with no preservatives, halal certified (microbial enzymes ) and has 0g trans fat.

For a long time, “Dona” Dalva delighted her family with Pão de Queijo she baked at home in Brazil. This led her into business and, in 1990, she started Forno de Minas, a family-owned company she still runs jointly with her children.

The company is the pioneer producer of frozen Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Roll), exporting to many countries around the world. It is the leading Brazilian cheese roll in Brazil.

Virgin Hill Coffee

Virgin Hill Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and operated company that loves coffee. Roasted in the small and beautiful town of Knolton, Quebec the coffee is certified organic, Fair-Trade, Kosher and Aliments Quebec.

Only Oats

Only Oats is a Canadian company dedicated to delivering gluten-free oats products. Some of them are also organic. The product has such great quality, that not only celiac community consume it, but all oat lovers.

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