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Easy and Affordable e-commerce Platform

Having your products or services available online is easy and affordable for every small and medium size business. When you choose to buy the license of a software based on a subscription basis, you are not only investing less money, but it usually comes with a package of services that will facilitate your life.

Several businesses would like to have their online store, but before they start thinking, they give up the project. They think it’s too much work. That it also requires a lot of money, experts to manage the platform, and more. As a result, they postpone their plans.

Choosing the right platform will allow you to focus on your business and having experts to make your products visible and attractive.


As an example, when you use Lightspeed e-com, the platform translates the focus of this post, easy and affordable.

It comes with a built-in SEO tools to help your online store rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Technical knowledge not required.

With marketing tools such as a social media integration, customer feedback feature, up-sell tools and A/B testing capabilities, you can let people know about your business.

Several beautiful, light and mobile fully responsive lay outs are available.

You can build a great looking online store with fully customizable, professionally-designed themes. Upload your logo, change the colours, fonts and layout of the page to create your unique brand experience.


The shipping process is quite easy. With one-click shipping labels, and ensure your product gets into your customers’ hands — faster. One integration will connect you to all major carriers in the world.

You can easily customize your products. Save time with advanced product customization tools. Import one product and add variations like colour, size, weight, material, individual price and quantity.


If you have a physical store, and would like to integrate your inventory with your online store is simple and easy when you use Lightspeed Retail POS and Lightspeed E-com. You can decide which products will be visible online, and you can manage the two stores in a much easier way.

So, in summary, Yes it’s easy and affordable to have your products and services online. And it can give you the life style you desire, by managing your business when you are away or when you are focusing on other projects.

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