Sunrise Distribution

Retail POS

Managing Your Store From Your Smartphone

Imagine you away from your store, but being able to have your daily reports on your phone.

Tracking your sales, inventory and costs are just a few of the advantages of Lightspeed POS Retail.

Selling products bundles, serialized items that require multiple variations, our POS system helps you to manage your stock.

  • Inventory Management
  • Have an Omnichannel experience by integrating with our e-commerce
  • Create product variations such as size, color and material.
  • Send defective or damaged items back to your suppliers, automatically removing from your inventory
  • Use one master order to combine purchasing, transferring and ordering from multiple suppliers.
  • Create box of products and maximize your sales and promotions.
  • Track unit costs, inventory levels and SKUS across multiple locations.
  • Upload items into your product list directly from pre-loaded catalogues.