Sunrise Distribution

Virgin Hill Coffee

Organic, Fair-Trade and roasted in small batches in Knolton, Quebec.

Seven blends are available, including one decaf using The Swiss Water process. Ground or whole beans you will find a coffee that pleases all tastes.

WEEK-END(Medium) A blend of Central American coffees, with a strong and full taste and special aroma. A palate’s delight. Smooth, pleasing aroma and rich flavour.

KNOLTON BLEND (Medium) A blend that was inspired by the Town of Knowlton located on beautiful Brome Lake in the Eastern Townships of Québec. The Knowlton blend was created by mistake. We were doing a taste test at a local café and mixed two blends that were supposed to be tested separately. Since the blend was created in Knowlton we gave it the name. Knowlton Blend is a combination of some of the best Indonesian and African coffees. This blend has a remarkable aroma and flavour with a fruity finish.

Rich in flavour and aroma with high acidity.

Colombia Brow- (Mild) Colombia’s highest grade of coffee. Medium body, good acidity and a wonderful aroma, one of Colombia’s best coffees. Smooth and sweet hazelnut tasting coffee. Best served with a dash of cream or milk.

Rich and nutty flavour with a winey finish.

Peru Black – (Extra bold) This South American coffee is one of the best. Bold and sweet-tasting coffee, full-bodied but delicately sharp. Smokey aroma, full-bodied and sharp taste.

Espresso L’Roma– (Medium/Bold) It has a fantastic aroma, with a sweet taste made up of South American beans. An espresso with an intense crema. We can’t wait for you espresso fans to try it! 

Espresso Virgin Hill – (Bold) A full-bodied espresso with a sweet aftertaste. Excellent for making cappuccinos or a simple espresso. Full bodied, high acidity and a strong aroma.

Organic Fair Trade Swiss Water Decaf- (Medium) The Swiss Water Process is a 100% natural water process. No chemicals are used in this process. A blend of central and South American coffees. Rich taste, fruity and spicy with a touch of moka.